What to expect in this course

I will guide you through three weeks of guided meditation sessions, beginning with how to start, how to sit, where to meditate, how to breathe, what to think about, and then how to grow your meditation practice. This course is perfect for anyone who has wanted to start a meditation practice, but didn't know how or where to look for the guidance. The first week includes an introductory infographic and audio session with "5 Steps to Starting Your Meditation Practice," then includes 5 daily sessions (about 5 minutes each) where you join me in an informal setting for video guided meditations. Weeks 2 and 3 each contain 5 daily video guided meditations. Each guided meditation takes place at a location in my daily life, to show you how easy it is for you to incorporate a meditation practice into your daily routine. It's not fancy. It's not difficult to find the time or place. Through these three weeks, you will see how I incorporate a meditation practice into my daily life, and you will learn how you can do the same. Plus, you will learn why meditation is such an important part of what I call "mind management" in my free downloadable guide The #1 Habit to improve your life.